Today is just funtastic. First, it’s the first day back from a week off for spring break, and waking up at 4:50 AM isn’t exactly what I want to do. Second, I WASN’T EVEN SUPPOSED TO COME TO SCHOOL TODAY BUT I STILL DID!!!!!! Apparently at 12:30 AM last night/this morning/fuck it same thing/ my dad came in my room and said you don’t need to go to school. I heard and saw him, but thought it was a dream because I was still brain dead for the most part. When I woke up for school my door was still locked so I assumed it was a dream and went to school, having to run to catch the bus. I get a text from my aunt saying that everyone else is still in bed, so I call my dad and guess what? It wasn’t a dream. He actually came in my room, told me I could stay home, then locked the door on his way out. And here I am at school, waiting to be picked up and pissed as a motherfucker. TL;DR: Fuck Mondays.


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