This is just clickbait, not my Twingo. Or is it... ? Hopefully not. But possibly.

My Twingo didn’t pass inspection today. I had a guy, and even with help he couldn’t pass me through. Emissions can be handled, but the obvious and somewhat extreme rust in the floor and door sills was too much. To fix it would be more than the price of a new Twingo, so sadly I can’t afford to fix it. I have 2 weeks to find a cure.

I have 2 options: another guy - I’ll find out tomorrow if a different service place can look away when inspecting the floor, or option 2, which is a long road of selling it for a good price, then selling it for very very cheap, and then... The next stage is scrapping it for whatever it’s metal is worth (the whole car is less than 900kgs, or 2000 ibs).


I’m pretty sad about it, as it’s my first car, and I was planning to keep it at least a year or two longer. But never mind me as an owner, I’m sad to scrap it and let it die :(

Give a Merci Twingo as an offering to the French Gods of Rust, to keep them from taking the Twingo. Hopefuly I’ll keep my kinja nickname for a year longer.

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