Bad News

I dropped off my e90 to my mechanic this morning to have a hitch and trailer wiring installed.

He just called to tell me that none of the rear lights work, and the windows won’t roll up or down. There may be more symptoms that he didn’t list. This could be a major headache. Especially because he seems to think that I need to take it to BMW to figure it out. And I have a feeling he’s not going to foot the bill for that. I’m really hoping they’ll figure it out.


I should have just forked over the cash, and waited for a OEM BMW wiring harness to show up, but he was very confident that they could do without it.

I’m hoping it’s just a blown fuse or something silly like that. Not a fried BMC which is what he seems to think it is.


EDIT: They called back. Turns out I misunderstood and they hadn’t even begun installing the wiring harness. They just disconnect the battery, and then had all these problems   

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