My sister's friend was driving her facelifted E46 325xi to our house and she called saying it's overheating and smoking. We told her to pull over and we went to check it out. I put some coolant in there and drove it to my uncles place near by. The temp gauge is all the way to hot and the red oil light is blinking. Engine makes some strange noise too. I went with her for the ~2 mile drive from where she broke down to my uncle's place. There was only one red light and the car turned off there, but luckily turned on again. It made a weird rattling noise from the engine bay and it was still running ridiculously hot. Last time it was serviced was just a month ago and BMW said it was running fine. It has 130k miles, if that helps. Is it the headgasket? Also, how do I get this thing back to my house (for we don't mind leaving it in our driveway for now but rather not in someone else's driveway). I can tow it with the Sequoia but I don't have a trailer.