Depressing News, Everyone

How my expansion tank looked this morning...

Pretty damn sure I’m about to say I own two boosted cars with bad head gaskets now: one project and a daily driver....

My Mustang and I just made it past 19,000 miles, and recently I noticed intermittently on cold starts that the idle is a bit rough for a few seconds, and there’s a sweet smell of maple syrup coming from the exhaust that goes away after the idle smooths out and I drive about a block. Coolant is getting in the combustion chamber.


Some of my mods have been keeping the engine from running hot, ironically. My lower temp thermostat and intercooler that would keep the cylinder head between 160-175F on average are keeping the car at 180-195F; the latter being where it would sit if stock. Took it to the dealer this afternoon, and the engine tech is gone until Monday. This is alright because I need the car to get to class and work until then, but bad because I’m driving on assumed borrowed time where things could get worse.

As such, I gonna be driving as little and lightly we possible. Staying as far out of boost as best as I can and tuning back to stock.

I’d normally say “fuck me all the way to Tuesday”, but getting broken up and self-destructive over this won’t get me anywhere. Even if my Mustang is the only thing that’s brought me more consistent happiness than people (parents not included), and has been therapeutic for my with many solitary drives. I’m gonna endure this for as long as I can. I bought a gallon of coolant to get me to Monday. I hope my dream car can make it past this.

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