Along my front yard fence, there is room for 2 vehicles to comfortably parallel park and be on the shoulder, off the road, and distanced from the next car. Well like clockwork, a wild idiot appears

He is parked mostly in the street AND over both spaces. He could have at least pulled forward, or back, and left room for another to park though still stick out in the street. Or at worst, just gotten out of the street and take up 2 spots. But no, he went full no-fucks.

I was quite upset initially, but then I grabbed my measuring tape. There are 70 inches between him and my fence. SEVENTY. In other words you can actually fit ANOTHER SMALL VEHICLE between him and the fence! Which is exactly what I did.

My drivers door is lined up with his rear fender. Plenty of room for me to get out too.


Here are some helpful doodles for a plan view:


Didn’t bother to leave a note. I did still have room after all :)