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Bad parking, office window edition

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Saw this outside the kitchen window at my office and had to stop and take a photo. They are both pretty far from the curb, with the Fiat being at least 4 feet away. The front bumper of the Jeep is solidly touching the back of the Fiat. There are no cars within at least 5 or 6 feet of either side.


If you told me the jeep rear ended the other car and then they both stopped where they were to leave and have lunch together I’d almost believe you. The real question is, who messed up worse?

I don’t have an answer, but based on how the wheels on the Fiat are turned I’m inclined to think they were backing up until they touched the jeep and decided it was good enough.


Either way I’m glad my car sits in a lot and not out on the street there.

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