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Bad Stereo Contest

Every one likes to mention how good their stereo systems are, how much they like them, and how good they sound, but who here has had a truly terrible stereo setup? No stereo doesn’t count.

When I bought my 924* it didn’t come with a radio, and being the cheap bastard I am, I cobbled a stereo together with what I had laying around.

The head unit was a stock take out AquaTronics cassette deck unit with an AUX port from Dad’s 2004 Crestliner, and the speakers were 2 six inch round Bose units from my old ‘95 Aurora hooked to the front channels, sitting in the back seat on the floor with no enclosure what-so-ever.


It sounded truly terrible, but on a nice day with the windows down and the sunroof off, I’d crank up some Ke$ha (don’t judge me) as loud as that crappy head unit could handle, and I tell you what Oppo, I’ve have very few happier days.

Side note: I’m not sure how the stock radio was ever wired, and I couldn’t find the wires, so I split the wire going to the constantly hot clock, which put the radio on non-keyed power so you had to remember to turn it off when you got out of the car.  


*Damn do I miss that car.

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