After I spotted this badass conversion van down in the parking lot, I stopped to a take a couple of pictures. That was when the owner zoomed around me in his power chair and proceeded to board the badass van.

As you can tell, it’s an older conversion van, built by Ford, converted by MobilityWorks. Since my friend’s son is also wheelchair bound, I struck up a conversation with the owner of this van so could get some details to share.


The van started life as a 1/2 ton utility van, but MobilityWorks installed 3/4 ton axles and added a lift kit. Why the lift? To make space for the lift which is mounted underneath instead of inside the van like many conversions.

The owner said he preferred this style because it frees up room inside the van. I asked how it was off-road. He laughed. He also thought it was 4x4, but it is not. While we were talking, he mentioned something about his motorcycle. What? Turns out that he traded in his trike on the van. Funny thing is that I spotted the trike some time ago.


We had a good laugh when I told him that. He said he decided to get rid of the trike because it kept having small problems all the time. That, and he was tired of his only transportation being open-top.

Overall, this veteran has some neat cars. I’m hoping to run into him again!

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