Inspired by gometx’s post, what is the worst bait/trap/thing you have done with your car or bike?

I’ll share mine first.

At the beginning of high school, I was going out with a girl whom i had met several years earlier in elementary (this didnt last long, but meh)
She shared some...stories. about a family friend that was treating her less then fairly. I was mad, but nothing I could do at the time.

Fast forward a few years. I was well into my riding career and already riding above the average skill level here (with more then a few people standing witness to this). Went on one of my mid-night hoon spirited rides and stopped for a coffee.

Lo and behold I run into the same fuck face bragging about how growing up on dirt he was a better rider on his GSXR then anyone in the city. Someone mentioned that he should go on a ride with me as I knew the ‘fun’ roads.

Normally, I do keep it slower when I have a new person riding with me, as I dont want to spook anyone nor entice a macho-man to keep up.
No such reservation was present this time around.

And I nearly made the guy put it into the gaurd rail. I try to avoid too much braking on my routes, so all he saw was a short flash to make sure the brakes where there, and then the bike basicly fell over into the turn and disappeared. All the shit talking was just shit talking. His dirt exp didnt mean shit.

After the ride he wanted to know where i learned to ride like and so on. I kept it brief and vague. He never knew I was who I was either.

So yea. Thats my bait story. Whats yours?