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Subaru Baja! My coworker Kyle has an awesome subaru Baja that looks just like this one here. It's such a versatile vehicle and I would definitely try to find one if I was car shopping now. We took it on a 400 mile (one way) trip up to a ski mountain in Vermont for the weekend. We had four people in the car, 3 snow boards on the roof, and a ton of gear in the bed. The turbo pulled the car-truck along pretty well while still returning admirable gas mileage above 20 for sure. I even got to drive some twistys in Vermont for a bit and it was pretty cool. That car with a manual would be an excellent car to own alongside my miata. All the utility of a small pickup truck but without losing any of the comforts of a car! I just wish more of them sold so that it would be easier to find one. We saw one other Baja in the lighter blue color at Sugarbush and damn does it look good! Anyone ever owned one?


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