Baja California

Monster: “hey, can we have a drugadict fly a Helicopter below minium altitude with a passenger overload as a modified truck tares around the streets of the city without any protection to civilians and jumping around buildings, just to end up in a beach flying atop people?

BC: “Sure”

Monster: “oh come on let us do it! Wait! What, you mean it?”

BC: “are you gonna do it or not? We ought to tell the people if you do it”

Monster: “what like without any barriers and shit?”

BC: “what are you,a fucking democrat? If shit goes sideways we figure it out afterwards.”

Boeing: “yo”

Baja California Sur: “yes”

Boeing “... can we crash a large aeroplane in your state We’ll do all safety precautions and like remote cont-


BCS: “sure”

Boeing: “wait what”

BCS: “yeah, do it, just make sure you don’t hit Los Cabos”

Boeing: “seriously, but what if we loose control”


Boeing: “Seriously?!?”

BCS: “it’s the feds problem, not mine”

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