Yesterday I looked at that Baja I’ve been eyeing for a month. I was excited until I saw the car in person... It had a decent sized dent on the driver’s side door, tons of scratches on the exterior and interior (and even some rust on the hood), a speaker was blown and the air conditioner wasn’t working... To make matters worse the dealer offered me only $3000 for my Pilot... that’s insulting, especially since my car is in better shape. I think the only reasonable offer is if the dealer cuts me a check for $1500, not like any used dealer will do that...

Drove the car though, it was so low to the ground and felt incredibly fun, and now I’m really itching to get myself a manual car, too bad AWD/4WD is an absolute requirement as per my father since I can barely find any in my price range. I told him I’d buy snow tires but he doesn’t like the idea. Oh well... at least my Pilot is now for sale, who knows what will happen. I’m losing hope.

I’m willing to go for a FWD car such as a Toyota Matrix or Honda Accord, they’re plentiful with a manual and those would suit my needs perfectly. I’ve found some decent cars today though. A Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Subaru Impreza and a Kia Sorrento?! I didn’t even though they sold them with a stick, and it might be fun with the V6.

JDM Legacy B4 for your time.