Baja SAE Maryland 2015 - We Need Volunteers! - 3 Weeks to Go!

Hey opponauts, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) is hosting one of this year's three international Baja SAE competitions at Budd's Creek Motocross Track in Mechanicsville, MD on May 7 - 10!

There are going to be 100 teams from around the world competing for the prize and we're going to need as many volunteers as possible to make it successful. You can follow the link below to sign up, and feel free to ask me any questions you might have about what volunteering will be like.


I, personally, am totally stoked because it was an honor to be asked to host a competition and there hasn't been one in the region for quite a long time. I was on UMBC Baja SAE team for seven years so it's awesome to be on the other side now.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Baja SAE, it's a college competition hosted by SAE International where student teams design, build, present, and race solo and wheel-to-wheel in off-road racecars. Each competition follows a 4-day format.

May 5-6 - Pre-competition Work Days

We're going to need volunteers to help lay out the courses and get things organized before teams start showing up. It's also a good time to get familiar with the grounds and layout.


May 7 - Registration


On the first day, teams show up, get in their paddocks, and get registered. There is also a sales presentation on that day where teams present how their vehicle would be produced, marketed, and sold as a low-volume (4,000 unit) enthusiast racecar.

May 8 - Static Events


On the second day, static day, teams have to defend their vehicle design before a panel of engineering professionals, as well as get their car through scrutineering to ensure it is safe to race. Tech Inspection consists of an engine governor check, frame and safety equipment inspection, and a brake check. Only after passing Tech can teams actually drive their cars.

May 9 - Short Dynamic Events


The third day is the short dynamic event day. Each team gets two chances at acceleration, hill climb, maneuverability, and suspension and traction. These are solo events designed to test all aspects of performance.

May 10 - Endurance Race (also May 11 - Post-competition Work Day)


The competition culminates on the fourth day in a 4-hour endurance race. Unlike FSAE, all 100 cars are on track at the same time, making for some very interesting racing as teams compete against each other and against the terrain of the endurance course.

Once the endurance race is over, points are tallied for static events (cost, sales, and design), short dynamic events, and the endurance race. The competition is extremely competitive and finishing in the Top 10 is what every team shoots for.


It's going to be awesome.


And here's the volunteer link one more time:

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