After last night’s puddle/lake incident I popped the air filter into the oven to bake overnight in an attempt to dry it out. Got up early, popped it in, reset the codes and went for a drive. No errors, no hesitations - everything seems to be working including TCS/DSC. Picked up a replacement AF this morning, so at least now I have a backup should this same problem happen again.

There are some stored codes that I can’t read without spending another $10 on this app, no pending codes, and two permanent codes. Given the use of the word ‘permanent’ I’m assuming that there isn’t a way to clear these out, but I’m sure someone can tell me if this is incorrect.

The only issues seem to be a bent license plate (easily fixed) and a somewhat anemic sounding horn (probably just water ingestion). Now I can enjoy the holiday weekend without worry.

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