The miata came with some nice Hankook allseasons, with some good miles left on them. The plan is to run them through this season, destroy them with some autocrosses, then get new, performance oriented tires next year. I need new brakes now, though. If I get an autocross oriented pad like the HP+, will I be outbraking my tires, so to speak? Would I be better off with an performance street HPS?

What is the differences in expected lifespan between an HPS and HP+ pad, anyway? And what about a 200 treadwear tire compared to a 300-400 treadwear tire? Will I be able to get more than year of backroads and autocross from a 200 tire? If not, I think i need to go higher. I do not want to budget 600+ for new tires every year, compared to 400+ every other year. That’s assuming I can get 2 years out of a 300-400 treadwear tire; is that a reasonable assumption?

So help, OPPO. How do I balance to cost and performance of tires and brake pads for autocross and backroads, without having to get a new set each year?