Bam! Got Tickets to The Grand Tour SoCal Taping (EDIT: Fuck.)

Just got the email! The ticket details asked me quite politely to not share the details of what’s going on or where it is, but I’m sure someone else will be leaking all that soon enough (if not already).

But what did surprise me is that I got 4 tickets! Fuck yeah!

Who else is going? Let’s get an Oppo role-call going.

Edit: I thought this was a funny detail:

“Also, Jeremy, Richard and James, as the hosts of the day, will be out in the [REDACTED] with you, mingling, chatting and, since they’re English and it’s California in late Summer, sweating profusely!”


Edit #2: Damn it! It’s for the opening sequence taping, not the in-studio taping.

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