they’re ruining my fun (not doing me bike any favours either)

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oh well... much fun was had in the early hours of today... and at least i still have me backroads to play on (the evil gritters arent welcome there)

(also hey kids... dont throw snowballs at cars...they react rather eratically when you pull the drivers attention away from their phones)


anyhoo... theres a bit of a war brewing at work as management promised to fill the new positions of shift leader inhouse (6 positions) 10 people aplied all got turned down (with reasons cited going from you havent done your job well enough to complains to much or doesnt get on well with bossman)

now all those positions are to be filled by management picks from outhouse

and all the people who got turned down have pretty much gone well fuck this and are now half arsing their jobs (problematic as damn near all of them are in charge of keeping the workplaces suplied and running smoothly)


soo... now the factory is kinda grinding to halt and everyones bitching


(well.. actually it isnt... looks like its time for me to get me head down and avoid being noticed again)

(update) oh hey... apparently im gonna have to punch me bosslady.. as she hasnt signed off on me hours again... wich means ill now be looking at 3 weeks without pay just coz the silly bitch cant be fucked to do her job)


(aint my fault you’re getting shitcanned you cow)

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