Well, here is my contribution now.

Dear Professor *****;

On 1/21/15, "Bandit" requested assistance with a C programming assignment in your course. "Bandit" was having issues with a nagging compile-time error that he could not resolve, and according to his comments that day your teaching assistant was also unable to fix said error.

He asked for assistance from the "Oppositelock" online community of which he is a member. I too am a member there, and I hold a bachelor's and masters degree in Computer Science. I also have 3 years of University level teaching assistance (including classroom time) and tutoring under my belt (experience was in introductory programming and logic skills), alongside 10+ years of industry experience in software engineering and information technology.

Upon seeing "Bandit"'s work it immediately became apparent to me that he had made a simple syntax error and was not demonstrating a fundamental misunderstanding of the subject matter, as below:

#include <stdio.h>

#define PI: 3.1416 //sets constant pi

Please note the superfluous colon in the #define statement.

As such, I feel that I was not "doing the work for him", I was merely fixing an oversight- something that you know is incredibly common in the programming world. Asking for outside help is also very common- communities such as Experts Exchange and Stack Overflow thrive for this reason. At some point every programmer faces an error that they just can't seem to wrap their head around.


I hope you are able to take all of this into consideration when you are determining a course of action regarding "Bandit"'s use of the Internet for help. He appears to have exercised poor judgement in not following the provided guidelines for assistance, however it also appears that he was out of options fixing a trivial error.


Oppositelock Member "Crowmolly"

Bandit, if you want me to delete THIS post, I will. I do not wish to fan any flames.