1. The MJ because Jeep pickup, duh. It’s my daily. 1991, 4x4 4.0/aw4, 523,000km, at least on the body and suspension.

2. ‘92 2-dr 4.0/5-speed 4x4 XJ. It needs some love to make it legal but she runs and drives great. Around 330,000km I think. Couldn’t pass it up for $700, was supposed to be a manual donor for the MJ but now I’m torn cause it’s so good...

3. 1996 Niva 1.7i. Barebones 4x4 at its best. 60,000km or thereabouts. Ranked below the XJ because it’s currently just a pile of parts that I haven’t driven for a while.


4. 1993 XJ Country, 4.0/aw4/np242. Around 240,000km when I scrapped it. I picked it up for $300 and the motor, trans, t-case and some other stuff lives on in the MJ.

Its, uhh... The one on the far right. Not many pictures of it. The KK was a work vehicle and I don’t remember why I had it home.


5. Umm... Yeah. I’ve never actually driven this one. 2003 KJ 2.5L,5-speed, 4x4. Insurance write-off auction. I pulled the rear axle out which hopefully will end up under the MJ soon, once I get a Dana30 set up with a matching ratio. Then my landlord made me get rid of it so I couldn’t part it out further and recoup some cost.