As noted before the ‘85 Prelude wasn’t savable due to severe rust, so a replacement had to be purchased. For €500. So here it is, a €500 Mitsubishi wagon. How much car can you buy for €500?

A lot of car apparently. But it’s not without its faults. I just bought it and haven’t had it on a lift yet, I can make a few observations.

The bad

  • There’s something wrong with the front suspension. Tie rod ends, probably.
  • The car needs to be aligned badly.
  • The front tires have worn unevenly and are toast. Will need winter tires for the rally anyway.
  • The engine ticks a bit. Here’s a link to a video of the engine running. It sounds better in real life. The ticking sometimes goes away, especially after revving. Needs better/other oil?
  • Radio has been removed.
  • The dash clock sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t work. Doesn’t reset in between. Cable to the display faulty?

The good

  • Spacious
  • Cheap
  • Looks decent enough
  • Heater, windows, mirrors, all work. No idea about AC, it’s too cold outside.
  • Transmission seems to shift just fine.
  • Came with the original alloys in the trunk. For winter tires.

General observations

  • In comfort, handling, build quality and simply seat quality the Galant is no match for my Peugeot 406 of the same vintage (both introduced in ‘97). My 406 simply feels less tired, despite having more kms on it. The 406 seems faster as well, despite weighing (slightly) more and having an equally powerful engine. The slushbox in the Mitsubishi might be a reason.
  • I need a better camera.

Tie rod ends have been ordered. I’ll have it on a lift within a week. We’ll see what else it’ll need. It’ll need to pass Dutch inspection before mid January. The Carbagerun ‘rally’, through Germany, the Swiss Alps, France and the Pyrenees, will take place in early February.





Carbagerun, winter-edition, during a previous year: