Bangkok bound, flying through a typhoon

Did not see anyone drifting the streets of Tokyo, but I did find tire marks!

It’s been... Bumpy, to say the least.

Having lounge access has been a godsend though, and really alleviates some of the typical travel anxieties. We started the morning off right, with a 20 year-old Cognac, glasses of Krug, some rice balls and sushi. Not what I was expecting to find in Narita.


Hopefully we set down in Bangkok soon. Any tips on things to see?

Bonus V I E W S

The scale is mind-blowing. I’ve always thought of Seattle as a fairly large city, but next to Tokyo it’s basically a campground.

Standing on the roof, 55 floors up on a building in Roppungi, I couldn’t see past the city in any direction, save for East towards the water.


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