I've been banned from Fourza since a week after it came out. Long story short, I took my hard drive to a (former)friend's house who used a hack and was banned himself. He never told me, so I put my hard drive in his 360, and bam, I'm banned. I've sent Turn 10 a crap ton of emails, even looked up their physical address and hand wrote them a letter, and I've still never received a reply. Is there anyone on here that has any connections to someone at Turn 10? I'd like to be able to finish Fourza and participate in the online features I'm currently banned from. I think I have something to the tune of $500,000 in online store credits I can't collect, not to mention all the gift cars from being a VIP member that have showed up in my inbox that disappeared after a month. I've beaten 1, 2, 3, Horizon, and Horizon 2. Having 4 just sit there is driving me crazy.

UPDATE: Through the process called asking politely, I've been unbanned! Maybe I can beat Fourza before 6 comes out.