You read that correctly. Barefoot waterskiing. Behind a snowmobile. In February. In New Hampshire.

Quote from a bystander:

“They had a spotter in the water in a kayak and several of their own bystanders. These were no average Joes doing a water crossing. They were well prepared and safe. They were wearing life jackets and had wet suits on,” she said.

“The snowmobile was set up for water crossing,” Thurston said. “This was well thought out before they attempted it that’s for sure. It was amazing to see the kid bare footing it in the channel, never mind it being winter time.”


So out of respect for their identities I didn’t mention I know these guys before. But I guess this made local news and was picked up by a bunch of other news outlets around New England... their facebook video has over 100k views... long story short they have been found and they paid their fines. Not before someone started a gofundme to help them pay the $500 each, haha. I’ll try to get a better video but it’s all on Facebook which doesn’t like to share.

The news story being shared now includes an amazing quote from an observer, about the fines: “You can’t put a price on legendary.

Another update:

They interviewed the skier. Kinda funny. The way they edited the interview he comes across in a bad light, I think. He’s a nice kid and probably didn’t think this was a really big deal, honestly.


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