School me in propane torpedo heaters, Oppo. I found a 43k BTU propane torpedo that is normally $80 that can be bought for $55 due to it being discontinued. I know this type of heater has to be used with “sufficient” ventilation due to carbon monoxide output. How much is “sufficient” ventilation? My shop is 24'x40' with open rafters, a single-wide garage door in one end and a standard 30" door at the front and back. While it is insulated, I use that term very loosely. There are several places along the bottom of the walls where you can see daylight, and the garage door has a 2"-3" gap all around it. The walls and garage door more block the wind than seal it out.

Given the circumstances, I think I could safely use the torpedo, especially if I opened the garage door 4" and opened the entry door at the back of the shop to let air circulate. I’d use a CO monitor as well for safety’s sake.


What does the Oppo hive mind think? Cheap heat or recipe for a trip to a six foot hole in the ground?

Amazon wagon for your time.

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