Holy hell. I’m acquiring a barn find.

Sure, 35 years ago my father disassembled a 1952 MG TD, stuck it in our garage, boarded it up, then forgot about it in the divorce. My mom has said since we were little that whomever puts it back together gets it, and my siblings all agree It’s mine.

But that doesn’t really count.

Now, three years ago I was working in Virginia, talking about cars to a co-worker who didn’t know anything about cars (but her son did), when suddenly a third co-worker jumps into the conversation to talk about the car in her sisters garage. Its rare. It has extremely rare options. Its ridiculously well cared for. It has unheard-of low mileage. And due to hip replacement they dont drive it anymore. Its been parked for years. They just want it gone. They give me a price. Oh my god. I told her It’s worth three times that, doesnt matter.

So, I spent the last three years hounding my wife about this car. She finally agreed. I am buying a rare car that’s been mothballed, in showroom condition. I get to find something lost and forgotten, presumed dead by the community, and bring it back to life.


My goal is to prep it for Mecum here in Indianapolis this coming May. More details to follow as I chronicle the purchase, haul, and prep to revive.

Several have guessed correctly, so here goes: 1981 Trans Am Turbo Daytona pace car with the recaro package and a manual transmission. 50k original miles. Still has the plastic on the seats.