A very special thanks for this community. I’m on my way. Will Post thoughts and pics later

I’m in Tempe, AZ and broke. My friend let me come out with her on a companion flight as I was a little down. (bad time in life right now) But. I’m broke and she’s not into car stuff and won’t spend the $ as she’s covering everything . I was planning on eating the free breakfast and lounging by the pool. To keep it simple I found out yesterday Barrett Jackson is going on. Any oppos going? Wanna buy me a ticket, Im staying at the embassy Suites (her work pays for it) an can take the hotel shuttle.

My oppologies for asking for a hand out if it offends you but I don’t get opportunities to do this kinda stuff.


For reference my first post on jalopnik.com was of the Mercedes r-class when it was testing before it was released. I’ve been reading every since.

My Jalopnik shirt all time favorite car....

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