I was watching an old episode of Top Gear this evening, and I had a thought: What is the quickest way to get to the South Bay (SFO?) from, say, Concord?

This has been a question which has plagued parts of my social circle for about 4 years. Let me explain this for non-California people: The BART is a magic service where you go to an ATM machine-thing, it spits out a paper card which you then place in the turnstile, it then points you toward the platform where you board a light rail to take you to many exciting destinations around the Bay Area.

One day I found myself discussing a recent trip to SF with a friend, it went like this

"Yeah it was fun for sure, but the traffic was wretched as usual."

"Traffic? Just take the train bro."

"BAHAHAHA, the train? No. No no no. Driving is the best, because I'm a car guy. Did I mention I race around cones in a parking lot? I'll see pick you up at 5"


She was so impressed that we went all the way that night. Or not.

While that's not exactly how the conversation went down, you can see the issue.

A year or so later I was forced to learn how to use the BART by a female friend in the area. IT WAS BRILLIANT. You just sit, don't worry about parking, and relax. No one can cut you off! No one slows down in the fast lane!


But I reckon we only did about 65 MPH maximum, and had to stop quite frequently. As someone who lives 187 miles away from this fine city, I'm always very interested in what would be the quickest way to get there. This is where the idea comes into play: recreate the Top Gear London race. Someone will BART, someone will take the Ferry and then bike(they'll lose), and someone will drive. What a bitchin way to waste a day!

Now I'm sure if this got reposted to Valleywag I'd get a pretty solid consensus, but that sounds less fun. What says you, Oppo? Train or Car?