Not car related, but I have to share this.

I played baseball for 11 years of my life. I started when I was 5 and quit last year. For most of that time, I played with the same team and the same coach. He was the best coach I ever had and is an awesome guy. He pitched in the minor leagues for a while, but never made it to the majors. A couple of years ago, he was hired as a pitching coach for the Colorado Rockies!

His son is 5 years older than me (now 22) and has always been a good baseball player. He was the star player for varsity in high school and they won four state championships in a row when he was there. The school had never won state before, and only won again this year. He was drafted when he graduated, but declined the offer and went to college. Last summer, he was drafted again, this time by the St. Louis Cardinals. He was one of their top prospects and was expected to move to the majors within a few years.

Well a year later, he is now making his major league debut!!! Tomorrow night, he is the starting pitcher against the Rockies, so it is also a homecoming! My family was able to get tickets at the last minute, so we will get to see him make his debut in person! We've known him for a long time, so it is going to be great. The Rockies are terrible this year, so he will probably do well. It's crazy to think that tomorrow, he will pitch against the baseball players he watched on TV when he was younger! His name is Marco Gonzales in case you were wondering.

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