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Basic JalOPPO Disease: Explained

Porsche 911 Carrera coupe with a 6 speed manual with under 65K miles at $19,980 = the absolute worst decision one of us would could make... BUT WE STILL WANT IT!

I’m positive that we all know ownership of this car will not end well, especially for us broke folk that make juuuust enough to actually buy this.


Why do we have these thoughts in our heads?

  • Well, maybe it’ll not be a total piece of crap?
  • It has low miles, i’ll DD it for a while and sell it later.
  • Well, i’m sure by now parts are cheap enough and available aftermarket.
  • All I have to do is not push it too hard and it will be fine.
  • Maybe the previous owner baby’d it.
  • I mean, it’s under $20,000, maybe this is the deal of the century.


  • It will be!
  • You will drive it ALL the time and put chingos of miles on it
  • NO, they are not cheap. Don’t trust the aftermarket all the way and if you don’t know how to wrench, you will starve.
  • You WILL push it hard and wear the worn down car even more!
  • NO it wasn’t. This shady ass place probably picked this POS at an auction for like $8500, and for a reason lol.
  • It’s not, this WILL end badly.

As someone who busts ass for pennies, I shouldn’t have all these WAAANNTT and HNNNNGG feeling for this car. Even if I do get wholesale prices on parts and do the work myself and my dealership, this will end very bad I promise.


I know this....we all know this..... but we still WAAAAAAANT!!!


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