I had a few minutes to kill after work, so I thought I’d install my well used Personal Neo Grinta in my well used Miata.

Step one on the road to racecardom, right? I’m going to start stripping the interior this weekend, as well as selecting the four best daisys I’ve got to be refinished, because I ordered some of these:

Falken Azenis RT615k+ in 195/60/14. I gather that this is some of stickiest street rubber you can get in 14", and Discount Tire has got a $75 mail in rebate going right now...I couldn’t say no for $325 a set.

Over the winter I’m going to do either coilovers or a good set of adjustable dampers, and I’d love to get a rollbar in there. I dig the Blackbird FabWorx GT3, but I’d probably settle for a Hard Dog M1 Hardcore if there’s a big price difference.


Basically I’d like it to be pretty much track ready for next year, so it’ll be a fun winter project.