As Road & Track said in its 1999/2000 Civic Si buyer’s guide, “Finding a completely unmodified Civic Si is, for about the fourth or fifth time, not going to be easy. Speak with any well-informed Honda fan, and they’ll likely tell you that you’re hunting unicorns.” I was 18 years old when I read my first magazine review of this car, I remember it was referred to as the “NSX’s kid brother”. I was driving a Geo Metro at the time, and I can’t describe the feeling of lust I had for this vehicle. I remember sitting in a red example, just like this one, at the Honda dealership a week after reading that review. I was sitting in the object I desired more than anything at the time, and I couldn’t find a way to acquire it. They stopped selling it by the time I was actually on the market for a new car, which was many years later. I’ve thought about that red Si at least once a week for the last 18 years.

The car represents inspiration to me. It’s art. It’s something I can see in my garage that will make me smile in the morning before I head to the office. This type of inspiration means that everyone wins, especially my clients, friends, family, and anyone that has any interaction with me. I promise that this car will pay for itself tenfold that way. A small dream acquired.


As for the money, this is as close as anyone will ever get to actually purchasing one of these brand new off the lot. It’s a time capsule. Even one of the last examples here sold for ~$15k, with triple the miles, former body panel damage, modifications, etc. The delta between that example and this one is about $7k. That’s a pretty small price of admission for what it means to me, to release myself from the hunt, to know I purchased the very best version of this car that likely exists in the world today, and most importantly to experience the inspiration I described above. It’s a bargain. :-)

How can you argue with that?

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