Today, I finally took my RAV4 to the local car wash. Since my car lives outside, I usually rely on the rain to wash away pollen, bugs, and other perks of nature. The collision center gave her an exterior detail back in December, but she hadn’t received a bath in 2018. For $20 and lots of colorful foam, my hopes were high.

Notice the contrast between where the wiper runs and the rest of the window, as well as the specks on the window.


I think I’m going to continue using the rain as my source of automotive detailing. The vacuum feature was nice, but all I had to clean were grass clippings; I don’t care about the brown stains on the carpeted mats. Even before the vacuuming, I’d received compliments on the neatness of my car, so I think I’m okay.

Update: While there are still flaws up close, I think the job just needed to sit for a bit. She looks nice now.