Original concept: We want to do something tasteful and inexpensive, with the contractors only really doing the minimum and we’ll do the rest.

Now: Well I’ve got the marble samples coming for the open shower and the contractor should be sending over our options for the soaker tub.



This all started because we had some water ingress into the wall and figured “while we were in there” we might as well expand the bathroom and add a shower.


While talking with the contractor he floated the idea of turning half the bathroom into a “wet area” with a soaker tub inside that area. Honestly it is the most space efficient way of doing it so... here we are. It added about $4k to the price, so more of my hard earned munnies are going away.

While we’re still going to do cheap subway tile on most of the bathroom, we’re looking to do the shower walls in a different tile. We’re between large rectangular or large hex tile. A couple options keep catching my eye, but I can’t deny the marble look good. There goes more munnies.


Anyone looking to purchase some spare body parts? I’ve got a few I could probably live without...

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