Being moved in, it was time to start updating the house a bit. I decided to start on the hall bathroom along the lines that it is a small room to start with. I’m not sure this was the best decision in retrospect, but at least I think I’m on the putting it back together side of the project now.

1990 called an wanted its light fixture back, so it was the first thing to go. With six sixty-watt incandescent bulbs, that ugly thing heated up the bathroom whenever I flipped on the lights. LED bulbs in the new one don’t feel like a sauna when turned on.

Much better.

Up next was stripping the pink, flower wall paper, which no fun. I never thought I’d own a steamer, and I hope to never use it again. Even being just a border, it was terrible to remove via steaming and scraping. Those pink flowers of ill will just laughed at the wall paper stripper chemicals I tried. I’ve come to the conclusion that people who put up wallpaper are terrible human beings. It probably took 10 hours over the last week to strip and scrub everything. The good news is that the bathroom was built with green board in the shower area. Being built in 1989, I wasn’t sure what was going to be under that tile.


The floor and shower tile are going to stay as they’re in great shape, but the pink laminate vanity top ain’t. It got taken out tonight and replaced with a new granite vanity top from Home Despot Light Lowes. I even managed to get the giant mirror off the wall by myself without breaking it.


My plan is to hook up the plumbing, wash all the walls and do spackle repair tomorrow evening. Priming and painting is my plan this weekend.

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