Since lately Oppo has been 50% car blog, 25% off topic and 25% realestate/remodeling. I thought I might add my own Bathroom remodel.

When we first bought the house in April, it had a dated but serviceable bathroom. That said, the pink paint on the walls and ceiling had to go. That was our first room to paint. We also replaced the ancient Universal-Rundle 7.8 Gal per flush toilet with a Toto Entrada 2.8 Gallon unit

The bathroom as purchased

It did however quickly become obvious that just patching up the damaged tiles in the shower surround was going to be a short term solution at best, then the tub developed a crack around the drain. We couldn’t put this off any longer. While I was able to do the work myself, we decided to get a quote from a local contractor to see if it was worth saving ourselves the hassle, they wanted $9,000 to pull the window and install a vinyl tub and surround. Fuck that.

So, the boss and I set about planning a remodel. New tub, tile surround and pull the window out.

Having managed to sell my car we set off to the local Menards and $900 later, we had bought our materials. A savings of $8,100 dollars over the contractor.

Right before the hammers start flying

Demo began in earnest, we expected to find lots of water damage behind the old tile, and we were not dissapointed. The sheathing of the exterior walls was beading water and the insulation in the wall was very heavy as we pulled it all out.


After letting the wall dry out, we covered the areas that were wet with a mold inhibitor, pulled out the window, and then reinsulated and closed it up.

Here is where we are today, the next plan is to re-paint the walls, as the off white just looks wrong. We will also replace the flooring in the coming weeks.


The vanity was custom made to fit in the bathroom, so to get some more life out of it we will give it a repaint until we can afford a replacement, we may just opt to put a vereer over the existing surface, as we really like the layout of the drawers, it is difficult to find a 31" cabinet that has small drawers on both sides of the sink.

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