Guest bathroom remodel begins tomorrow morning. Except for the newer commode, the rest of the bathroom is as it was 17 years ago when we bought the house: shitty orange contractor’s grade cabinets (original to the house), one-piece molded sink, fiberglass all-in-one shower and tub, peeling ugly wallpaper. New bathroom will be mostly custom: white vanity (not custom, but now Lowe’s either), granite counter with under mount sink, new tub, tiled shower with tiled niche, new fixtures, new light, hanging mirror (not glued to the wall), paint instead of wallpaper. That nasty orange cabinet on the wall is going away too. Should take a couple of weeks.

This is the granite remnant that I found for the countertop. The card in front is the accent tile that will line the back of the niche in the shower. I think that granite is kick ass. We were going in an entirely different color direction until I found this remnant. And that accent tile is smooth, though it looks like individual tiles are different heights. Super cool. Paint will likely be a warm gray, not too dark. 

You may recall my Kitchenlopnik posts from a couple of years ago. The same contractor who did my kitchen will be doing the bath. He is by no means the cheapest, but he does fantastic work. And even better, he won’t take any other jobs until mine is done. I’ll have pictures as we go along.