Top 10 Shootout in 3 hours (15:40 PM local).

With RadioLeMans calling the action. Get in here!

(UPDATE 6:52 PM EST) #23 right front suspension back on, brakes being bled. Qualifying 1 is red flagged due to a Cayman off into the gravel at turn 1.

(UPDATE 7:35 PM EST) Car #23 back on track! Alex Buncombe to set the time for qualifying.


(UPDATE 8:20 PM EST) Car #23 Buncombe has a near miss at the top of the mountain as he approached #7 of Glock. The closing speed of the GTR meant the only option was to take the escape road, which meant the lap was aborted. A real shame because Buncombe was right on it and missed out on P10 by 0.065 seconds. Great effort to the team for the immense job they did fixing the car - so close.


Anyways, here are the results at the end of the two qualifying sessions. Top 10 shootout will be later in the day, or into the night for myself.