... starts in 10 minutes! Has completed! Results below. (RACE STARTS IN 5 HOURS -> 5:20 AM LOCAL)

If you’ve forgotten or missed qualifying, here are the cars eligible for the shootout. Each car gets one clean, flying lap to try and improve their time and thats it. One in and out lap as appropriate.

And as usual the stream link where you can watch the session, with Radio Le Mans commentary:


(UPDATE 12:25 AM EST) The pole position shootout has completed and the starting order is as follows:


What a session. The early runners were definitely disadvantaged due to the high ambient track temps favouring the naturally aspirated cars. Mostert Walsh in the Aston Martin V12 Vantage pulled off a heck of an upset halfway the shootout and landed a low 2:03 early on, seemingly unchallenged as the Porsches went through.


Then it was the turn of the BMW M6 GT3s, who seemed to perform incredibly well down under - something we’re not used to seeing over here in North American competition. Nonetheless, who other than DTM champion Marco Wittman would set the next fastest lap with a 2:02.3, miraculously gaining half a second on Mostert Walsh through sector 2 alone.


But there was still one car left to run, and the man behind the wheel had a score to settle after his previous performance in Daytona a week before. Vilander was on an absolute mission on his flying lap, not lifting on the entire run up and down the mountain. One can only imagine how much sisu he mustered up, but it was enough to best Wittman by just a tenth of a second to claim pole.

The Allan Simonsen Pole Position Trophy is awarded to Maranello Motorsports, and quite fittingly as it was a team for whom Allan had driven for in the past at Bathurst. Congratulations Vilander and team, and all the other drivers who made it through the shoot out. Best of luck tomorrow!


The race begins in 13 hours from now, hope to see you all back!