Final pitstops done and dusted.
Mclaren are leading after hanging back slightly for the last few hours. If you can call third place by 4 seconds as ‘hanging back’ lol.
What was most worrying was that they got out of sync with pitstops.For awhile it looked like they had made a mistake but it all turned out ok.

The Nissan GTR (last years winner) has been at or near the front for most of the race.They only lost the lead at the last pitstop.I doubt they’ll catch the mclaren as it has a slight but definite speed advantage.

The Big booming Bentley has also been at or near the front most of the race.They are currently in third right behind the nissan.

Forth place if an Audi.They dragged themselves back onto the lead lap after an early tyre problem so huge props to them. All day they’ve had a slight handling advantage ,and conversely a speed deficit on the straights.

The Mercs have been lurking thereabouts all day.Sadly not quite at the front,yet definitely not embarrassed.