Word from Bathurst regarding the mower crash from Barney:

“I know it has been posted already, but this is a pic I took.

Have to say its one of the strangest crashes I have ever seen. Firstly I have never seen a lawn mower do about 80kmph, nor have I seen someone fly through the air like quite like this bloke.

I was one of the first on the scene and had the privilege of calling 000 and had to explain to the call centre that there had been a lawn mower crash at Mt Panorama. The woman asked what road it was on my only answer was Forrest Elbow. Didn’t think she was believing what I was saying.

I was standing at the marshals post that Mostert took out at the 1000. Then i hear the toot toot of a horn, look up the hill to see the bloke honking the horn on a ride on mower. This guy was flying, I recon 70 - 80kph, the thing was buzzing so hard it sounded like a Clubman kart engine just about to 4 stroke. I said to my mates he will never make Forrest elbow at that speed. Sure enough, he turned in, I could hear the scraping sound of the mower rolling onto its cutter shroud, then bang straight into the tyre wall. I could see legs-arms-legs-arms as he flew through the air over the wall bouncing of the Bentley sign boards before wrapping himself around a letter box pole on the other side of the wall about 8 or so metres from the mower. If you look at the pic you can see a blue mark on the wall, that where he hit and the guy in the high vis is looking at him!


Anyway we shoved him in the Ambulance and I believe he is going to be ok. Fucking strange thing to see”


from the book of faces https://www.facebook.com/scooby36/posts…