Batman Returns is Awesome

I don't remember liking this movie before as much as I do right now. Makes me pine for the third Burton/Keaton Batman we'll never get.

I never much cared for Devito's Penguin and maybe that soured me to this movie, but upon watching this for probably the 15th time I found a new appreciation for it. The Bruce Wayne moments in particular are great. Sets and design work are astounding. Danny Elfman makes some wonderful additions to his already great catalog of Batman music. Michael Gough is as always excellent as Alfred. Then there is the Pfeiff. It's one of those roles where you can't imagine anyone else portraying it. She actually put a live bird in her mouth for this scene.


I still don't like this version of the Penguin.

Sadly, the last time we got to see this. Never a more perfect Bat-mobile will there be.

As much as I would like to have seen a third Batman film from Burton, I wonder, assuming the success continued, that we wouldn't have gotten the Nolan films. Or worse yet...


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