If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

*batteries not included; The Mercedes AA

The bad math: I do not build EVs nor get along with (x+y)2(a+b)=z.

9,648 Batteries x 1.5v=

14469 volts

/24 (a typical electric motor) = 603

/5 (motor at each wheel and the control systems)

120 volts or something per wheel.

Weight for it:

Mercedes: 3,500 lbs

Engine: due to all the comfort systems, it’s still there. no change.

. +400 lb for motors at each wheel.

*no weight penalty for charging systems, but +210lbs for the purge system.

battery weight: 221904 grams er 490 lbs.

spare batteries +490

(null if dump mode used)


+480 hp

52 mph max?

No guys. That’s like. a voltswagen from the 80's.

No, I think the blurb should have been

“Instantaneous maximum speed of 152 mph (purge mode used).”

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