Battery Advice Much Appreciated

So my 05 Corolla has been taking a little longer to start up especially when it’s cold. I took my car to Autozone yesterday to get the battery checked and they said it was fully charged but bad. The tech was visibly agitated when I asked him to check it and then went inside without any further explanation. He didn’t even try to sell me a battery.

I have lifetime alignment for my Corolla From Firestone. I took it yesterday to get aligned and had them check the battery at the same time as part of their courtesy check. This is where it gets confusing. The guy at the counter said everything was fine and that the battery was good. But the reciept with the battery check tells a different story.


It says good but that the risk is moderate and that it may not start below 27 degrees F. I live in Michigan and it’s November so we will be below 27 any day now.

My question is should I wait or just replace it at this point. I’d rather buy it now than get stuck somewhere in a week or a month but if it’s still fine I could wait and save up for a battery.

Also what brands do you guys recommend for batteries. I’ve used Interstate in the past but online a lot of people say they are terrible. I’d rather not spend more than $150 on a battery. I want a good battery though. I’m also a little confused with the AGM or traditional lead acid battery debate.

Thanks for any advice or comments!

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