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Battery or alternator, what say you Oppo?

Good morning oppositelock, hoping you guys can throw some help my way this morning.

I’m trying to decide if I have a failing battery or alternator.

So heres the deal, yestetday it was - 9 f outside, car started a little hard, but that is to be expected, what I didnt expect is that when sitting at red lights on my way to work that the voltage gauge on the dash would drop to about 9-10 volts and a warning message would popup on the driver information center. If I hold the break and give it some gas to get the rpms up over 1500 or so, the volt meter climbs back up about 13 volts.


My first instinct was that the alternator is on its way out, but when I got to work I put the car in accessory power and sure enough, the volt meter was showing 10 volts from the battery.

So what do you guys think? Battery? Alternator? Both? Sell the hunk of crap and move to Arizona?

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