We’re now 6 installments in to this series and I feel like the response has been pretty positive. Thanks to everyone who has participated and provided feedback. I’ll plan to continue doing one once a week as long as my schedule allows, but I wanted a little feedback from you folks.

First, I need a little advice on grouping cars into categories. My greatest concern is that I’ll pick a category like small crossovers and miss one or two because the segment is so large. What resource would you suggest for making sure I get every vehicle in a certain class? Edmunds? Autotrader? Others?

Second, I’d like Oppo’s opinion on a few ideas for down the road.

  • A tournament of champions. I’m thinking maybe after the 10th edition I’ll do a special edition that pits the first 10 winners against one another. Good idea?
  • Intra-manufacturer Battles. Instead of a competition between members of a certain class, it would be between every vehicle in a given manufacturer’s lineup.

Thanks again to everyone who has participated so far. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I have.