UPDATE 5PM EDT: The TT is holding a marginal lead on the Miata after 100 votes. Vote t-t-today, junior!

Welcome back to Battle of the Base Wheels. Yesterday we split the under $50k sports car segment into two groups. Today, the winners of each group will face off for the title.

On the Asian side the ND Miata said “NBD” and took the title with ease.

Better luck next time, Hyundai. Part II.


On the European side, the TT crushed the competition with Teutonic precision.

SLC-ya later, Mercedes.

So there it is, folks. The playful roadster from Japan takes on the buttoned-down coupe from Germany.


**Programming note: Battle of the Base Wheels will be going on a brief hiatus for the next few weeks as I will be preparing for and going on vacation. See you next time!**

Let the games begin!

Mazda MX-5 Miata


Audi TT


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Lede image: Save the V8s