As a moderator here on Oppo it's generally my duty to prevent anarchy from appearing in these parts. But just this once I'm not only allowing it, but posting it myself, courtesy of a suggestion from Calzone Golem. Please note that any anarchy is only to take place in the U.K.


Going into the Master of Puppets round it was a strong probability that we would have our first two-time round winner, with Van Canto and Apolyptica being the odds-on favorites, and as the votes started coming in it was indeed our two past champions maintaining a tie for the lead for much of the contest. It was a late surge of cello aficionados that ultimately broke the tie, sealing the win for Apocalyptica. The battle for worst was a close one as well, with Harptallica and Pendulum both being strong contenders, along with, surprisingly, Apocalyptica. Some late-round harp hate sorted out that battle, with Harptallica taking the win by two votes. I have to say though, there was no cover in this battle that I really, truly disliked, they were all good in their own quirky way.

Most bands take a little time to find their footing. The Sex Pistols were not most bands. "Anarchy in the U.K." was the first single they ever released, and it was almost certainly their biggest hit and their best known song today. Rolling Stone calls it the 56th greatest song of all time. The mid 70's in the U.K. was by no means the best of times. The economy was on the decline, British Leyland was at it's peak, and the music scene didn't cater to nations youth. Unsurprisingly a song about anarchy was a siren song, and the single rocketed up the charts, immediately making the Sex Pistols a success.

The Bollock Brothers (1983)

Megadeth (1988)

Motley Crue (1991)

Tito Larriva (2000)

The Ukranians (2002)

Joujouka (2003)

The Bad Shepherds (2010)


LEST YE FORGET! If you want to check back on the results of previous rounds, or see what covers are coming in future rounds, there is a Google Drive spreadsheet with past rounds and the upcoming battle schedule.

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