Battle of the Covers: Mama Said Knock You Out (Request)

You have to hand it to LL Cool J, he's had a very interesting career. From bursting onto the forefront of the hardcore rap scene as a teenager in the 80's, to his transition into film as a movie star (usually action), to his current TV career as one of the stars on NCIS: Los Angeles. You can't call it a comeback, he's truly been here for years, and The_D0K's suggestion to use his hit saying as much was a great one.


Sometimes you just know how a battle's going to pan out before it even starts, and damn was that the case with the last round. To those who grew up in the the 90's Lenny Kravitz was essentially the original artist of "American Woman," as his version was the one most learned first. And, in the battle, Lenny made short work of the competition, winning by an insane fourteen votes. The battle for worst was at least interesting, with Anal Cunt and Butthole Surfers duking it out for the title from the very start. The duo spent most of the battle deadlocked, but in the end (PUN!) Anal Cunt managed to leave the Butthole Surfers behind (MORE PUN!) and take the win by a single point.

As it turns out, "Mama Said Knock You Out" is an accurate summary of a conversation LL Cool J had with his grandmother. As the 80's were ending and the 90's were beginning LL was coming under increasing criticism that his rap career was coming to a close, particularly from the fresh crop of upcoming gangster rappers and specifically from one rapper known as Kool Moe Dee. One day LL was talking with his grandmother about his struggles staying relevant and how he worried he wouldn't be able to survive with all the other rappers dissing him. His grandmother responded with a simple solution, saying "Oh baby, just knock them out!" LL took the discussion to heart, writing the song and making sure it included a few shots at Kool Moe for good measure. As a thanks to his grandmother he included her in the music video for the song. She's the one at the end telling him to go upstairs and take out the garbage.

Scatterbrain - (1992)

Hoods - (2001)

The B.A. Baracus Band - (2006)

Subnoize Souljaz - (2009)

Street Sweeper Social Club - (2010)

Five Finger Death Punch - (2013)


LEST YE FORGET! If you want to check back on the results of previous rounds, or see what covers are coming in future rounds, there is now a Google Drive spreadsheet with past rounds and the upcoming battle schedule.

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