The Battle of the Champions continues it's close competition until Sunday night, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't continue with the regular cover battles as well. Today we get to annoy Gamecat some more by targeting his beloved Duran Duran, once again thanks to Jcarr.


In the battle for best cover of Wagon Wheel we once again had to deal with a song where it's hard to decide what's the original and what's the cover. Following the precedent set by "Black Betty" and "House of the Rising Sun" (both basically Arch Duke's fault) the version by Old Crow Medicine Show was included. And, unsurprisingly, they won handily beating Darius Rucker by seven votes. Darius did manage to win the battle for worst, edging out Mumford and Sons by a single vote. Alas, our quest to have "best" and "worst" won by the same entrant must go on.

I touched on the history of Duran Duran a bit when doing the write-up for "Come Undone." At the start of the 90's the band had fallen out of popularity, and their album Liberty had been a miss. They had one chance to remain relevant with their new self-titled album (nicknamed "The Wedding Album") and they hit it with a fantastic 1-2 punch. "Come Undone" was the 2, but "Ordinary World" was the 1. While "Come Undone," the second single off the album, was almost an accident, "Ordinary World" was designed from the start to be a hit. The drum work was done by Steve Ferrone, who had also provided drums for artists like Clapton, Chaka Kahn, Tom Petty, and Johnny Cash. The guitar solo was performed by former Zappa guitarist Warren Cuccurullo. To up the hype the song was "leaked" by the record company to a radio station in Florida. Ultimately the hard work paid off. The leak resulted in the song being so popular that Capitol records had to push up the official US release date. The single peaked at #1 in Canada, #2 in Italy, #3 in the United States, and #6 in the U.K. Duran Duran mania was back.


I'm sorry, Gamecat. Truly. It's about to get ugly. Just be glad I didn't subject you to this. Or this. (Oops.)

Something for Kate - (1999)

Aurora - (2002)

Nicotine - (2004)

RUST - (2004)

Paul Anka - (2007)

Red - (2009)

Joy Williams - (2010)

Cary Brothers - (2012)


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